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You gotta love a horny wife who loves to show off. This sexy girl is 23 year old wife and general horny girl Shylo Moore. These shots are from Naughtymag, which is a reader submitted site. Well, her husband didn’t take these pics, and that says a lot about this slutty, naughty wife:

“My hubbie didn’t take the photos,” Shylo said. “They were taken by the bloke who lives in the flat above us. We’ve had a lot of threesomes with him and some foursomes when he has a girlfriend. Having two blokes working on me is fan-bloody-tastic. And when it ends with them both shagging me, it blows my mind. I think that being DPed is the ultimate sex that a woman can have. Being down between a girl’s legs licking her clit and fingering her twat while a bloke is shagging me from behind comes in second. Now that I’m in a mag, my ‘fuckit’ list is pretty much ticked off. I just have to shag in a really public place and join the mile high club.”

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