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Chubby Blond Teen Has a Nice Butt


I don’t know her name, but I have to say that this girl has got one heck of a great chunky ass on her. I found this blond over at a site called Young Fatties, which has a whole bunch of really amateur looking girls on their site, not fashion model types but the real full ass girls we all love and drool over in public – but now they are getting naked online for us! I wouldn’t actually mark this girl down as really being fat, she’s a little on the soft and chubby side with nice sized tits and nipples , but it’s her ass that really gets your attention. She has nice full ass cheeks, wide enough to be entertaining while still not being truly over done, but still nice and large and totally spankable!

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Chunky Butts at Young Fatties

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Here’s one of those odd cases where I am not really talking about a single girl, but actually a whole site full of hot chunky ass girls. I recently found Young Fatties, and I have to say this site certainly lives up to it’s title and hype. This site has nothing but girls from 18 to 25 or so, and all of them are at least a little chunky. This girl is perhaps the high end of the scale on size, but I have to say that this young BBW has a great chunky ass. She certainly isn’t shy to show it off, right? Anyway, the girls on Young Fatties range from the very large to the merely chubby, and that makes it a whole lot of fun. For lovers of girls with bigger butts you will almost certainly find girls here you will enjoy, and that’s the whole idea, right?

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