bex shiner ass

Now here’s a girl with a whole lotta rosie! Sexy and curvy Bec Shiner is the sort of girl that has enough going on all over the place to keep a man busy for hours, but it’s particularly her sexy ass that got my attention. Her ass is super nice, and it leads into a thick and tasty pair of thighs that really make that ass into something special, a sort of hips to knees area combination that is hard to beat, but easy to spank – if she will let you! Oh, and she knows she has it going on out back too: “I’ve got a very, very good ass,” Bex says. “I do a lot of squats. I try to wear my shorts very short. I do the cameltoe thing, too. You have to have cameltoe. I always wear low-cut tops and push-up bras and tight tops and dresses!” This girl sure ain’t shy to show us her goods, her big tits are impressive and her ass even more so, a truly sexy chunky butt that would be perfect for almost anyone!

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